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Stay one step ahead of the competition with vehicle tracking systems

As anyone managing a fleet of delivery vehicles knows, staying one step ahead of the competition is vital to ensure your company is successful. How many times have you had a complaint relating to a late delivery, only to find out the driver had stopped off coffee on the way. With vehicle tracking systems, you’ll know where your entire fleet is all day (and night) long, and it could even help you to become more productive and lower your costs.

Take a few minutes to read our guide to vehicle tracking systems and see if they could be right for you.

What do vehicle tracking systems do?

Imagine a system which could remotely tell you where all of your vehicles are at any given time? You can work more efficiently, inform drivers of road traffic issues and accidents, and send drivers from their location for a pick-up in their area. Because you know where they are, you’ll also be more informed back at the office, so if a customer calls to say their delivery is late, you’ll know why and just how long the driver will take to reach them! But that’s not the only advantage to using vehicle tracking systems; you can also monitor driving, so you’ll know if some drivers are less economical with fuel than others and be able to see how safe your fleet is. You can ,b>keep track of fuel consumption and a whole host of other things.

Personal vehicle tracking

Of course, there is another side to vehicle tracking, and you’ll find systems which can be installed in your personal vehicle, which could be useful if it is stolen. Most of these units can’t be jammed by GPS or GSM jammers, which means they’re a reliable way for the police to locate your car if someone takes it.

You can choose from specialist vehicle tracking systems for your car, van, motorbike or even your bicycle, so you need never worry about where you leave it again, as your vehicle tracking system will ensure it’s easy to find should the worst happen!

It’s important to ensure you shop around online when buying a vehicle tracking system – but price isn’t the only issue. Make sure that you buy your system from a reputable dealer, and ensure that it is easy to install and use.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

If you have a business which requires you to supervise a number of vehicles then you need fleet vehicle tracking. For example, couriers using this tracking provide better service to customers as they are prompt and the customers can follow their delivery. This can even drop the price of your insurance!

You should also familiarise yourself with the delivery and returns policy on the website you’re buying from, and make sure your system comes with a warranty as standard. Ideally, you should purchase a system which offers a helpline or some form of telephone support should you have any problems with your new system, particularly if you’re buying a fleet tracking system for business use.

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