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Van Insurance Buyer's Guide: Lowering the cost

Vans can be a great way to travel for those who have a small business. They are large enough to fit all you need and all the belongings yet small enough to park in normal spaces, and not require a special license to drive. Millions of tradesmen in the United Kingdom own vans for these very same reasons. Many tradesmen find that they are useful, durable and enjoyable cars to use.

Generally speaking, insurance for vans is about the same as for any other cars; however, because they are a special class of cars, with enough background research, one can find deals and special discounts on insurance for vans.

How to Find Van Insurance

The best way to look for all of your options for insurance on your van, is to do a general online search. The web can provide you with endless number of deals and options and can give you a good overall idea of what is out there. Another great thing about searching for your van insurance online is that sometimes, a company will give special discounts for internet shoppers that they do not give to customers over the phone or those who walk into their offices.

Your first port of call should be one of the major comparison engines like - CompareTheMarket, Money Supermarket, GoCompare or Confused. You should also try with specialist van insurance websites.

Think about how you will be using your van:

- for personal use - social and domestic only

- sole trader

- part of a fleet

Any of the above choices will affect the final quotation but is also important to be true so that in case you need to claim - all is valid.

While you may find some great deals on for your van insurance on the web, it is important to keep in mind that not all sources on the internet are legitimate and you must be careful before making a commitment of any kind.

Tips to Lower the Costs

Drive smaller vans: Simple - the smaller the engine size, the cheaper your van insurance premium. A high powered van with a large engine will be considered a higher risk and hence it will be expensive to ensure if compared to smaller van.

Avoid imported vans: Imported vans will usually come with higher insurance premiums because of the high cost of replacement parts that they may require.

Install security and tracking devices: Enhanced security on your van means that it will be less attractive to thieves and since insurers like the idea they will reward you with lower insurance premiums.

Van Insurance Options

Many car insurance companies give various options for vans insurance. These options can vary from length of insurance policy, payment options, to special offers and perks. Other variations on van insurance may depend on who is driving the car. For example, generally speaking, if the registered drivers are under the age of 25, the insurance will be more expensive and the policy will run for a longer period of time. If the registered driver is a young male, the insurance will cost even more than if it is a young female.

Another factor in insurance cost variability is whether the registered drivers have been in previous car accident, what injuries were sustained, whether it was their fault and so on.

With all this said one can still find affordable van insurance either on the web or through their existing insurance company.

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