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Guide To Buying Used Cars

The simple truth is that if you use your head that buying a new car is a waste of money. Cars lose a big percentage of their value in the first year. It is also true that with the build quality and amazing reliability of modern cars even a 10,000 mile one year old car drives, looks and even in some cases feels and smells new.

The disadvantage of buying a used car is that it takes time. You need to do your research, shop around and view a few cars. Buying from a dealer is safest and would be advisable if you know nothing about cars. Buying private will save you a few thousand usually from the price a dealer would charge but you do need to know a little about cars.

Always take the car for a test drive, listen for rattles and strange engine sounds. Anything out of the ordinary do not buy. You should also make sure you check the cars full service history to make sure they are no gaps or recurring faults.

If you buy a used car remember the manufactures warranty could still be valid. For example, if a car had a 3 year warranty and you buy it after 18 months then you still have another 18 months of manufacturer's warranty available on the car.

There are some very good used car vendors out there that will ensure that you get the best kind of service (an experience almost like buying a new car). In addition, the cars you buy from a big dealership will come with the dealers own warranty (usually one year).

Do's and Don'ts

Do buy as new as you can and average mileage (not more that 12,000 a year)

Do buy from a reputable dealer of privately from family homes

Do shop around. The big used car dealerships like car giant and car craft are great. You should also research what's available privately by using the big private marketplaces like Exchange and Mart and Auto Trader.

Don't buy a flash car - you get more for your money on basic models.

Don't buy a customised car - they will cost you more to insure and have probably been raced.

Which used cars not to buy?

- Chrysler Town & Country - not reliable

- BMW X5 - faulty climate control and fuel systems

- Ford Fiesta - not reliable at all

- Ram 1500 - poor reliability

- Volkswagen Jetta - defective climate control

- Cadillac Escalade - customer complaints

- Audi Q7 - problematic brake system

- Fiat 500 - not reliable

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