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Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance is needed if you will be driving a van for a short period of time. There are some who feel that temporary van insurance is not needed because they will be using it for a short time; however, this is a risk that can bring financial concerns and legal problems.

Reasons Why Temporary Van Insurance is Important

There are various reasons why you should get temporary van insurance such as being involved in an auto accident, running across a bad driver, road conditions and weather. Still another reason why you should have temporary van insurance is because the law requires you to do so. Also, getting short term van insurance will take away worry that something might happen and you won't be covered for expenses. It will also give you peace of mind and confidence that you're doing the right thing.

Temporary van insurance is usually for 1 to 84 days and is very convenient if you need insure a second driver on your van or you need it to drive away after buying. Cover is immediate and tailored for the time and job you need it running.

Types of Temporary Van Insurance

In addition, there are several types of temporary van insurance such as comprehensive van coverage. This kind of insurance policy is wide; however, with this kind of coverage there are certain exclusions. It covers third party liability, provisions for the van owner's injury and van damage and a provision for theft and fire.

Third Party Fire and Theft Policy

Another kind of temporary van insurance is the Third Party Fire and Theft policy. With this kind of policy you will be covered as third party only and will be covered from theft, attempted theft and loss that come from a fire. It is important to note that with this policy you won't be covered if you suffer from injuries or damage to your van but the coverage it offers is quite beneficial.

Third Party Only Policy

Then, there is the Third Party Only policy. With this kind of policy if you have a comprehensive annual policy, you may be covered to drive other cars but only on a third party only basis. There are exclusions with this policy and it is the legal minimum that a person can drive on public roads and it only covers third party. With this policy if you suffer from personal injury and damage to the van, you will not be covered. This policy does; however, satisfy the law requirements but there is an element of risk you may not want. However, it is an option.

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