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All you need to know about Temporary car insurance

There is no need to take out permanent car insurance whereas you know you will only drive the care for a period of 1 hour to 28 days. This temporary car insurance will give you ample time to shop around for your desired insurance at your own pace.

Why would you need temporary car insurance?

There are so many scenarios where temporary car insurance is very useful.

- Buying a new car - It can be used when you buy a car and you want it to be covered for the distance between the dealers' shop and your home.

- Other people driving your car for a short period - If a group of friends are thinking of taking a road trip and they plan to switch driving among themselves, this cover may apply to all the drivers in the duration of the trip.

- Renting a car - Especially to those who travel a lot or groups of friends who want to take a trip. Surely, no one wants to drive another's car minus insuring it. Getting temporary car insurance is the best way to go. Getting this cover will totally give you a peace of mind and you will most probably enjoy your driving holiday.

- Moving house - you may need a vehicle to move your belongings from one place to another

- Occasionally driving a second car - for example you may have a classic car which you drive on lovely days out.

These are just few of the many examples when you will be looking up temporary car insurance quotes online.

Who is eligible for temporary car insurance?

All UK or EU licensed drivers between the age of 21 and 75 will be accepted for temporary car insurance. Some companies might reject your request for cover if you've had points on your licence, claims or convictions.

If you need to drive abroad with this insurance, make sure you include this in your quote. Some providers won't be able to insure you as their services only extend to the UK territory.


Insure4aday.co.uk offer 1-28 day instant cover. You can have up to 2 additional drivers apart from the main driver. They offer online secure transactions and your temporary insurance cover will start immediately from the date and hours requested.

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