Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy outlines the rules we work with to protect our users and their personal information.

We do not collect any personal information. We will never ask you to reveal your identity.

Cookies are not used anywhere on our website to track our visitors.

 We do however use web server statistics to help us understand our visitors better. No information from the web server can be traced back to any one individual. We use this information to learn what our visitors like about our website so we are able to optimise the site and produce a better user experience for our users. Information kept inside the web server include, IP addresses, likely location, pages visited and duration of visit. If you are behind a firewall then your statistics will not be tracked.

We won't contact you unless authorised by you so any unauthorised emails sent by us to you should be treated as spam. Email adresses are not stored in our database unless a reply from our side is requested to continue communication.

In order to monetise our traffic, we use third party advertising links throughout the site that are bound by their own privacy policies. Please be aware that as soon as you leave our website you will be bound by third party privacy policies so please ensure you read them prior to leaving any personal details. We do not accept any responsibility for any third party websites as they are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be clearly displayed at the top of this page so you are kept up to date with what we are able to do with your details.

Policy last updated November 2019

If you have any questions relating to our privacy policy please email [email protected].