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Detailed Guide To New Cars

Buying a brand new car straight out of the showroom is something that everyone should experience once in their life. Choosing the colour, wheels, trim. Sitting down with the salesman and going through the endless optional extras. Getting the exact car you want, then driving it away a few weeks later is a beautiful feeling.

Mankind has been obsessed with cars ever since they were invented over a hundred years ago. Cars are about freedom, giving individuals a choice and independence. Their popularity will endure however much governments push public transport and long after the demise of the combustion engine. People mull over the decision to buy a new car at great lengths before going out and actually doing it. Besides being your principal means of long range transport, a new car is seen as a reflection of what you are, a status symbol if you like.

Buying Advice

Prestige marks such as VW, Mercedes or BMW often look good value. This however is because they build a very basic model that on price is comparable to a Vauxhall or a Ford. Be aware though that you will get the bottom of the range, adding a similar specification, for example, nice wheels, leather or satellite navigation will add about fifty percentage points to the price.

You do not just buy a new car, you also get the warranty. Typically 3 to 5 years, the trend is to offer longer and longer warranties. Manufacturers are able to offer this because quite simply modem cars are amazingly reliable. Warranties give you piece of mind especially for the vast majority of us who are not mechanically minded.

Take a look and the less mainstream manufacturers. Today there are so many cars on the market. We recommend you review your traditional choice, the obvious alternative and then a more left field. E.g. Obvious: Ford, Alternative: Vauxhall, Left Field: Mazda or Subaru. Companies like Kia, Skoda and Hyundai once mocked are genuine car makers now and have some great models at good prices.

Prices are not fixed – be brave and negotiate, you will always gets a thousand or two off the price if the salesman thinks you are a serious buyer.

If you don’t have the money to pay for your new car, there’s nothing to worry about. Most traders offer finance schemes that will fit almost any budget. We would still advise you to shop around for other offers. You have to think how much this finance will actually cost you and what will happen if you want to get rid of the car before the end of the agreement.

Quick General Observations

Ford are making some excellent new cars the moment, especially their new Focus and B-max and C-max series. They are also into SUV cars – view their Kuga and 7-seater cars – S-max and Galaxy.

Petrol (or Diesel) hybrids are offered by almost all manufactures now you do not have to buy the Toyota Prius as the only choice.

If you would usually buy a large estate car then consider an SUV or 4x4. The same is true the other way round.

With the increasing cost of diesel and a lot of work being put the efficiency of petrol engines they are now once again increasing in popularity.

The greatest advantages of buying new

- Your new car will be fitted with the latest and advanced technology.

- No one else has owned this car before you - so the car is considered more reliable than a used car. You also get a warranty from the manufacturer.

- When you have decided that you want a new car - you will be able to benefit from incentives and special offers.

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