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Guide to Multi-Car Insurance Cover

Are you a two or more-car family? If yes, chances are that you’re paying too much for insurance. If you have two or more cars registered at the same address, there is a solution for you called ‘multi car insurance’. Compare separate car-insurance first but also investigate the multi car insurance option as it might actually work out much cheaper.

Multi car insurance can also save time by cutting the amount of admin time you need yourself – by having all the renewal dates for your different cars bundled together into a single, easy to remember policy.

What Is Multi Car Insurance?

Having more than one car listed on your policy is what is meant by the term ‘multi car insurance’. Taking out multi car insurance means putting two or more vehicles on the same policy. A multi car insurance policy offers all the same benefits as regular ones, plus the insurer will probably offer you a discount the more cars you insure. For example, you may be offered a 10% discount on the policy price if you put a second car - put four cars on and the discount could grow to 30%.

How Does Multi Car Insurance Work?

Multi-car insurance policies can usually cover between two and five cars. The policy holders do not need to be related in any way, and the cars can all have different main and named drivers, but they must be registered at the same address. The vehicles covered must be for social and domestic use only.

What To Look Out For?

Who is covered for which car?: Not every person under the multi car cover can drive every car. You must be a named driver of the car in question to do so.

Driver’s age: Just like with standard car insurance policies, the age of the driver plays a big role in how much you have to pay. If you need to add a named driver who is under 25, you could end up having to pay a higher premium.

No claims bonus: Check the insurer’s no claims policy before applying. Make sure that their policy states that if one of the named drivers on the policy has a claim, then it should only affect their no claims discount.

Vehicle changes: Remember to read the small print carefully and familiarize yourself with what needs to be done (or paid) should you need to change a vehicle on the cover.

Price: One size doesn't fit all and you have to be very careful when choosing your policy.

Where To buy?

Most major UK car insurance providers have a strong market presence both through their websites and through comparison sites. You can use their quote calculators and compare and see good quotes for what you will be paying for insurance on your particular car.

Companies such as Direct Line, Aviva and Admiral Car Insurance have created multi car insurance policies which have even more flexibility, allowing you to save even more money. Under Admiral’s multi car insurance deal, for example, you could receive a discount of up to 23% if you were to insure 5 cars.

Bottom line: Before you choose to insure more than one car, it’s worth checking all the different options rather than going straight for the first multi-car policy quote that you get as you might find that different insurance companies or opting for separate policies may be much cheaper. Sometimes a multi car policy may work out way more expensive rather than a few separate ones.

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