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The importance of HPI checks

Buying a car, particularly your first one, can be an especially exciting time. However with the wide range of choices out there, it can be easy to get carried away. This is true whether you are a seasoned car driver, or a person that has just passed their test. With the innumerable other factors to look for, such as car condition, history and signs of any damage, it can be easy to overlook the more important tasks. Getting a HPI check is not only important, but is vital if you want to be safe in the knowledge that the police won’t turn up and take your car.

What a HPI check is

In short, a HPI check provides a second hand vehicle buyer with peace of mind. Specifically it allows a would be vehicle owner, to check various details of a vehicles history using just its registration plate. This means that a HPI check can not only uncover fraud, but it additionally allows a person to check whether there’s outstanding finance, if the vehicle has been written off or whether it has been reported as stolen.

Additionally a HPI check can allow for a purchaser to indirectly contact previous owners through a ‘NMR investigations service’; this can enable the new owner to check that the mileage reported on the paper work and dashboard is the actual mileage of the vehicle.

Who needs a HPI check

A HPI check is vital to anyone that is purchasing a second hand vehicle of any description. Because of the wide variety of situations that could lead to complications following you purchase, it is vital that you undertake a HPI check as standard during your purchase process. This advice applies to private individuals and business owners alike. The price of a HPI check is generally below £20; however this figure pales in comparison to how much it can cost the new owner should there be something wrong with the vehicle’s history.

The worst case scenario

To put into context how important a HPI check is, we need only look at the worst case scenario. If you purchase a vehicle with outstanding finance, then the car can be collected to recoup the lender’s money, this is despite it having a new owner. Likewise, if the car is stolen,it can be recovered by the police with no possibility of compensation. Needless to say, if the car has previously been written off, then this can pose all sorts of dangers to you as the new driver of the vehicle.

According to a recent study 88% of the cars sold have hidden history. It is always worth checking out the car's history record first before buying it as you may get loads of troubles with your new car. With an HPI check you can save yourself all these troubles.

The cost of a HPI check is a relatively small amount for the trouble it can cause you should the car prove to be stolen or some other way involved in criminal proceedings. The safety factor is an equally concerning facet of gaining a HPI check, and these two factors serve to emphasise the vital need to get a HPI check on any second hand vehicle.

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