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Travel Europewide with a European breakdown cover

When preparing for a trip round Europe by car, apart from mapping the route and minding what luggage to take, you have to also think of safety. If you have break down in Europe without European cover, you will have many problems and waste a lot of time and money. A European breakdown cover will be your safeguard in case of trouble of whatever kind with your vehicle. Whether it be engine failure, theft or a fire outbreak – whatever the problem, it can be solved and financially covered by this type of insurance.

Know the details

Probably this type of insurance is among the most diversified of all available insurances on the market. It can include the regulars, namely roadside assistance, spare parts replacement, towing to a nearby location, but there are such items which vary widely from one insurer to another. Be on the lookout whether your cover includes vehicle collection and repatriation services, car rental (in case yours needs a major repair), passenger collection and accommodation, advance of funds to the foreign country in case of a claim, etc.

Even if you have decided to buy a full European breakdown cover, do not spare yourself the hassle of a full insurance policy read-out. In this way, you will be absolutely sure what you are insured against.

Single-trip or annual European breakdown cover

This type of cover can span a single-trip or a longer period of time. If you have only planned for a single holiday to the continent, then the cover you need is the single trip European breakdown cover. In this case, you will specify your departure and arrival dates and this shall be the term of your cover.

If you tend to take your car across the border often, then you need a comprehensive cover which extends over a longer period of time. Its duration will be determined depending on your needs.


It is possible that your cover is limited to a specified number of countries. Plan your trip accordingly or arrange for an extension of the cover to the country you intend to visit. The number of passengers is also important to insurers as their cost calculations for transportation and/or stay at a hotel will vary materially depending on the number of passengers.

Niche provider European-Breakdown-Cover.com has attempted to be as straightforward as possible and serve you all at a glance. It displays the offers of four leading providers and allows for side-by-side comparison for every single risk. The policies are available for download and read-out in their full version.

At uk-breakdown-cover.com, you can have a European breakdown cover as part of your comprehensive breakdown cover. At comparison website Money.co.uk, all insurers active on this market compete to win you as a client. The website has taken the pains to first show you the Top 10 European breakdown cover providers. Yet you are free to inspect the rich cover range if you feel you have missed out on the most attractive offers as there are many indeed.

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