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How to Get a Fuel Efficient Car within Your Budget?

Why go for fuel efficient cars?

“Price of fuel to go up again!” This is one of the most common headlines we may come across in the newspapers. As days pass by, the cash that is required to fill up the tanks of the vehicles are shooting up, much to the disappointment of every vehicle owner all over the world. And this is the main reason why people have begun the hunt for fuel efficient cars; ones that can bring down the usage of fuel, thereby bringing down the amount that is spent on it every month! On the market have big range of newest cars with high MPG, but prices are different too. Here are few tips below which can help you in your choice and get suitable car for you.

Knowing your budget before you start the search for your car

Your budget is the most important factor that affects the decision as on which car you buy. The automobile market has a wide range of car models each priced different, based on the features and facilities available in them. If you are looking for a very large car with good storage space, you may not be very close to getting a fuel efficient car. Such cars would be expensive too.

Spend time to do some research

A detailed study about the fuel statistics of each model of car in the market can get you a fairly good idea about the fuel efficiency of each car. Thanks to the internet, the details of each and every car are available online today. All you have to do is enter the specific model you would wish to check in the search column, and you would be given the best and most accurate results. There are also sites that provide reviews on each model, which makes it easy to understand the positives and negatives of buying a car of that particular model.

Fuel efficient cars

We will list the most fuel efficient cars we would recommend you:

1. Vauxhall Ampera – this is the latest hybrid car by Vauxhall which has top specifications and is voted as European Car of the Year. The way it is made provides you with a quite unbelievable figure of 175 MPG. It costs £28,950 and that’s including the £5,000 government grant.

2. Chevrolet Volt – this is a good rival to the Vauxhall Ampera at a similar price - £28,000. It is very silent and very fuel efficient.

3. Toyota Prius Plug-in – It boasts with 134.5 MPG and it costs around the same - £30,000.

4. Toyota Yaris Hybrid – An average of 81 MPG.

These are the most fuel efficient cars we recommend to you with hand on heart. Have a look as well at Kia, Honda and Peugeot’s latest models.

Use your car wisely

Sometimes you may find that the car you bought is not giving the fuel efficiency that the dealers had promised. They are not to be blamed because your way of handling the car and the features available also plays a major role in determining the fuel efficiency it exhibits. Reduce rash driving, handle your car smoothly, and you would surely have a car that is quite economical in terms of fuel usage!

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