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Choosing a driving school

Your choice of a driving school is as important as is your choice of a car. Selecting the right or wrong instructor and teaching methodology can energise or sap your will to drive. So getting a school which attunes well to your temperament, schedule and is flexible enough to adjust either along the way is very important indeed. There are different packages with lessons, but average is 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours practising in addition. You can choose package suitable for you if you are new driver or need just some hours of lessons. How to select the right school?


As a starter, you can get feedback of learners from various schools, whether by word of mouth or from Internet forums. You are never to get a single-minded "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" for any of the schools you review but by discerning overlapping opinions you can grasp the prevailing opinion. Then it is good that you get in touch with school representatives. You can do so by phone or in person. If possible, make your acquaintance with your teacher. Liking him/her boosts tangibly your success prospects since learning while enjoying is almost always the winning formula.

Flexible hours and location

A school with flexible hours, namely such held evenings and/or weekends, will be your top priority if you are busy daytime, with school or business chores alike. A good way to square your schedule with your driving lessons would also be to find a school located nearby. Confining your search to the schools in your or neighbouring vicinities can spare you much time to get there and you can even earn a lift home at the end of the lesson.


If getting the lowest price is what matters the most, then you can filter your search by finding the most affordable driving schools in your area. Yet beware of low prices: this might mean that you are to learn with an older car or that the course has fewer hours than is the standard elsewhere.


BSM is a driving school with 100 years of experience and UK-wide penetration. Apart from beginner and refresher courses, you can also take lessons and become an instructor yourself! To get your price, just fill in a form with your personal, residence a few more details and get your instant quote.

Red Driving School offers excellent discounts to people willing to pay in chunks. You can get two hours for the price of one or yet buy four lessons for the price of three. Like BSM, this school is available in many locations; yet before committing to it, see if it works in your area, too.

The AA has lessons both for aspirant car drivers and instructors, too. Just like with BSM, prices of driving lessons vary depending on your area. Again fill in the form and see what you need to set aside to get your driving licence.

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