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Buyer's Guide: Reach Far on a Diesel Car

When buying a new car, it is important that you derive pleasure out of the process. This means that you should not let your head go numb by letting in too many questions at a time. Rather, you could seek for answers in a stepwise fashion. One of higher priority should be the type of fuel you will use. Currently, car manufacturers sell cars running on diesel, petrol, gas and electricity. It is still worth to buy diesel car with Euro 6 which emit 20% less CO2 and get 20% better MPG than petrol cars. Let's see what a diesel car can offer you.

Longer mileage and longer time to repair

Compared to its petrol counterparts, diesel cars can run much farther with the same amount of fuel. The very technology for conversion of heat into energy permits for higher efficiency and, respectively, lower fuel consumption. Savings, according to tests, can reach 25 to 30 per cent. Besides, modern diesel engines are, in essence, proven to be the most enduring car on the block. Another test saw a Mercedes-Benz diesel car on top of the leader board with 900 000 miles run on its original engine.

Faster start although slower overall

Diesel engines are generally able to generate higher torque which, respectively, translates to higher acceleration from standing start. Yet although enjoying faster start, petrol-run engines catch up and excel in the latter stages owing to their explosive nature.

Less sulfur-prompted smell, noise

While in the past diesel engines were associated with a black smoke emitting poor-smelling sulfur vapours, presently sulfur emissions have been reduced timesfold to tout environmentally friendly levels. Noise, another major complaint, has also been muffled to levels comparable to those of petrol engines.

More expensive yet lower maintenance

While diesel used to be cheaper, now it is no longer the case despite the wide fluctuations of petrol prices. Yet most models see the higher prices counterweighted with longer run per unit of fuel, ending in a positive balance for diesel. Furthermore, recent models have also eliminated the use of water separators which needed to be manually drained before. Adding to that the lack of spark plugs and distributors, this means lower need of maintenance overall.

Find the best-suited makes and models at Smart. In the engineering section, you can find the technical characteristics of its cdi turbodiesel engine and compare them with the available alternatives.

At Honda, it is easy to check the diesel models by going to Cars/View Range section of the website and ticking the diesel box only. Inspect and select. Peugeot, for its part, offers you brochures. Just enter your details and receive the one that the car manufacturer believes is best for you.

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