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Courier Van Insurance

What Insurance type of Insurance do I need?

As a courier, you have a special obligation to deliver goods in timely and safe fashion. The cargo you transport is your livelihood as well as your client's property, and you want to make sure that your insurance covers all the possibilities and unforeseen events. You will need to have insurance that covers your van, your client's property, and insures includes fire and theft coverage. You will also want breakdown assistance so that your delivery can be made as planned. There are few tips below which can help in your right decision.

Courier and Haulier Insurance

Courier and haulier insurance cover your commercial vehicle and the property of your client for accidents, theft, and fire. It insures you against liability and uninsured loss recovery. You can make additions to your insurance that will insure against the loss of tools and equipment, and cover you for a breakdown. If you have additional drivers and courier vans, you might want to add these to the policy, as well.

Goods in Transit and Multiple Drop Offs

If you make multiple drop offs per day, you might also combine haulage and goods in transit insurance. Not all trips are covered under haulier and haulage insurance, so that your policy must include coverage for other people's property. The type of courier service you perform will determine the type and extent of insurance you will require.

Legal Damages and Property

A good policy will cover you and your drivers for legal liability death and injury, property, van replacement, repairs, and cost of insurer's consent-in the event a claim is filed against your insurance. If you do operate more than one courier van and want insurance, it might be a good idea to look into fleet insurance. Many times you can save money by insuring in this way.


It is imperative that you take all these things into consideration before purchasing insurance. Your business depends upon your choice of insurance.

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