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How To Get Affordable Convicted Drivers Insurance

For a driver that has been convicted of a driving offence, finding affordable insurance can sometime seem nigh on impossible. They generally find that the premiums they're quoted for even the most basic level of car insurance is prohibitive, and oftentimes they give up and resign themselves to using public transport. However, finding a reasonable deal on convicted drivers insurance needn't mean breaking the bank, and in this guide we talk you through the process of finding the best insurance if you’re a convicted driver. Our guide below will help to make right choice, get best price and help to save money on your convicted drivers insurance.

Tips for finding the best deal on convicted driver’s insurance

Choose your car wisely

Choosing which car to drive isn't always a privilege everyone can afford, but if you're yet to purchase your car, or are open to changing it then you should certainly consider it if you're finding you've been quoted high premiums. The smaller engine car you drive, the cheaper the insurance will be. You can check a car's insurance group online prior to purchase (insurance groups go from 1 to 50, with 1 being the lowest rate), and it's advisable that you run a quick quote prior to going through with any purchase.

Consider fitting a black box

Black box devices are becoming increasingly popular amongst convicted drivers, and are helping to drive down the cost of high premiums. These devices track both how safely you're driving as well as how frequently, and so by driving safely and/or less often you can help show your insurer that you’re a lower risk driver.

Improve the security of your car

No matter how new your car is, your security can always be improved; ensure that you fit as many security devices as possible to protect your car (such as an alarm, immobiliser and tracking device), just ensure that the devices you choose are insurer recognised.

Check if your insurer will lower your premiums if you take a course

If you're currently insured and have just received a conviction then contact your insurer directly and ask them if they'll lower their premiums if you take a driving course.

Choosing an insurer

Using price comparison website

When choosing a car insurer you should use as many price comparison websites as possible, these websites will search through thousands of insurers for the best deal. Never be tempted to leave out your convictions, you'll either been found out when you send off your documents, or, should you crash, your insurance will be rendered invalid.

Search out specialist insurance companies

You may also wish to search out specialist insurers which specifically deal with convicted drivers; contacting them directly for a quote is highly advisable. These companies, as their name suggests, specialise in insuring convicted drivers and so they may have advice or methods of their own to drive down the cost of your insurance.

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