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Buyer’s Guide to City Cars

They are small. They are cheap. You drive on them with highest MPG. They are easy for drive in city. They are just City cars.

City cars are also known as urban or mini cars. They allow their owners to ride through the city in a small car with high MPG. These cars will still have enough space for all your shopping, belongings and passengers but will have a smaller engine. You will not be comfortable driving it on the motorway as their maximum speed is limited compared to standard cars.

City cars features:

- Cheap to drive – all city cars boast with high MPG – above 70. They have smaller engines which limit their speed but allow good fuel efficiency. So if you’re looking to save from fuel, you are at the right place.

- Low emission cars – the city cars offer about 95 g/km CO2 emissions which make them good for the environment.

- Cheap to buy – they are in the affordable range for buyers. For a brand new city car, you’ll be looking at prices of around £10,000 - £15,000.

- Easy to park – because of their size the city cars are easier to be squeezed in parking spaces not available to large cars.

Top city cars:

>> Volkswagen Up! – With a price range starting at just £7,995 for the most basic model we think VW’s city car is probably the best you can spend your money on. It comes with three or five doors by your own choice. It will carry comfortably 4 adults and is very light – weighs less than a tonne.

>> Toyota iQ – This car is comfortable enough for two adults and two kids. It costs between £11,000 and £14,000. It’s very easy to park and very cheap to drive. It’s very important before you take it out to decide what the purpose of your trip is – compromise between luggage and passenger space.

>> Citroen C1 – The price of this city car starts as low as £8,000. It has one of the lowest running costs in the city cars range. Some bits part in the interior of the basic model look cheap but looking at the price you’ll pay and the savings you’ll make – it’s well worth it.

>> Kia Picanto – An attractive city car with either 1 or 1.25 engines. With an MPG of 67 it allows great fuel efficiency. The asking price starts at £8,000. It’s very well built and easy to manoeuvre. The 1.25-litre car will even be comfortable to drive on the motorway.

>> Peugeot 107 – A very easy to drive city car priced at just £7,995 for the basic version. Very cheap on fuel and easy to drive around town but it’s not at its best on the motorway.

How to buy a city car?

Once you’ve decided that you are buying s city car take your time to compare the different car to narrow down your choice to a few cars. Always ask for a test drive. You will want to know how this car drives. Do this a car dealer. If you’re happy – take your time to compare prices online as there may be offers you won’t know about.

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