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Repairing chipped windscreens

Each car owner knows the simple rule that a scratch on the windscreen can develop into a chip and a chip – into a crack. This cannot only lead to failing your MOT test but can also lead to a dangerous condition seeing your windscreen collapse and damage your car's interior or, God forbid, any of its passengers. To ensure no accident is in place, seek a repair shop and attend to the problem immediately.

How much cost

Chips are one of the annoying things which we have to repair quickly if we do not want to get big problem later. Price depends of length and for small scratches is between £40 and £45. For length from one to up two feets it will cost £45-55.

Driving or getting hauled

You have to first assess the severity of the chip. If small, your chip can weather a careful drive. However, if it is fraught with developing into an ever-growing spider net, call your repair shop of choice and ask for a fetch.

How long does it take

Curing a chip is a process containing several steps. Therefore, you have to prepare to wait for at least 24 hours from the time of your call before getting your vehicle back. Usually, workshops of repute will offer you a courtesy car so that you continue doing your business as usual, especially if your car would be queued on the workshop's task list.

Check for geographical coverage

When browsing the Internet for windscreen repair workshops, make sure that your shortlist contains only workshops active in your area. There is little use of getting the best quote from a company whose nearest workshop is located at a distance of 200 miles or so.

Getting the quote

Once you've prepped your shortlist, request a quote from each of the shortlisted workshops. Enter the make and model of your vehicle, the type of glass you'd like to replace and your postcode. Then compare and contrast the offers and pick the one to do the job for you.


Esprit has windscreen repair systems which live up to the requirements of British standard BS 251:1994 and AS/NZS 2366.2.1999 and its tested and proven process will offer a guarantee for durability.

When it comes to Auto Windscreens, you have full visibility into the process of windscreen chip repair and costs by clicking into the eponymous sections on the website. Also do not forget to check this company's locations to ensure it works in your area.

With Auto Glazing, you have on-site fitting service which is of great convenience to anyone reluctant to spend an entire day in a workshop. Also review the list of cities within this company's operational scope before deciding onto selecting it or not at all.

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