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Tips To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Your Car

To own a car can be very expensive. Surprisingly, the cost of the car itself is not the first most expensive part of driving. Insurance can be a big part of any driving budget. With car insurance being a legal requirement in the UK, this is an expense we cannot avoid. The best thing we could do is to find it cheaper.

Types of Car Insurance

Third party only: This is the very minimum of car insurance that you’re required to have. It covers against any damage to the other party's car should you get into an accident.

Third party, fire and theft: In case of an accident, this type of insurance covers everything the a third party insurance would, plus additional protection against theft and fire.

Fully comprehensive: This is the safest car insurance. It covers damage to your own car should you get into an accident, as well as everything covered by third party and fire and theft insurance.

Choose a Sensible Car

It’s simple – the smaller engine the car has, the cheaper it is to ensure. Since the price of insurance is based on the actual car that you drive, it’s is good to check insurance costs before you buy the car. Smaller, less powerful cars will be cheaper to insure than more powerful cars.

Also, luxury cars and cars with lots of modifications can be very expensive in terms of insurance. Avoid these if you need cheap car insurance.

Reduce Your Annual Mileage

If you use your car occasionally and drive less, some insurance companies will offers a discount based on low annual mileage as long as you stay within the limit. Remember to be honest with the estimated mileage because a history of your car is kept at MOT centres and insurers may request service reports to verify any claims.

Increase the Excess

The voluntary excess is the amount you need to pay yourself in the event of an accident, while the insurer will cover the rest. Obviously, the higher the excess you can promise, the lower your insurance premiums will be, but also the lower your claims can be. It needs to be a balance.

Install Safety Devices

Anything that can make your car less attractive to thieves can help you achieve cheap car insurance premiums. Handmade safety devices will not be accepted. The security devices of your car need to be first fitted by experts (if not fitted by the manufacturer) and then recognized by the insurer.

Pay Car Insurance Yearly

Talking about expenses it is for sure that the car insurance price is a huge amount and may seriously affect your budget. Paying the cost for your insurance policy at once for the year up front definitely is going to save you money. Overall, monthly payments are more expensive, as they usually include some extra charges and fees.

Shop Around

This is the most obvious tip when it comes to car insurance. It can be a big hassle but think how you can save hundreds of pounds for just a few hours of work.

Buy Online

The Internet is one of the best places where you can get car insurance cheap. Your first port of call should be one of the major comparison engines like – CompareTheMarket, Money Supermarket, GoCompare or Confused.

You should also try online directly with insurance companies. Online insurers will usually offer more attractive quotes because they themselves have lower costs.

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