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A consumer’s guide to cash for cars

It seems that literally hundreds of companies have sprang up offering to purchase your car, fuss free, for cold hard cash. Whilst such a service certainly offers many benefits, it also requires the consumer to understand the process if they’re to find the best deal. In this guide we introduce you to cash for cars, and talk you through the process of selling your car through one of the many dealers.

How cash for car deals work

Once you’ve decided to sell your car to a cash dealer you’ll generally visit their website for a quote. By simply entering your registration plate and a few details about the car's condition you'll receive an instant estimate. The offered price depends mostly on the make, model, mileage, age and even the area. It is a subject to an inspection by a company representative, who will check your car over in order to either confirm the condition you've described, or classify it as a different condition. In the latter instance you'd receive a new quote.

You’ll generally have 28 days from the date of the initial quote in which to trade your car in; if not done within this time limit you’ll need to reapply for a new quote.

The pros of cash for cars

The main benefit of selling your car through a cash dealer is obviously getting the money straigh away and the convenience. From the instant quote to the fact that some may even collect your car, this certainly is an easy way to avoid selling your through an auction website or part exchanging. Additionally, if you do plan on part exchanging, then it may be worthwhile to check that you’re getting the best deal by doing so. Very often you'll be offered more through a cash for cars scheme than you will on part exchange.

The cons of selling your car for cash

The main reason people are put off selling their car through this scheme is the fact that the price paid may be lower than through a private buyer; however, you must remember that you're paying for convenience.

Tips for getting the best deal for your car

Getting a quote from as many providers as possible

The main way you can get the best cash for car deal is by checking as many websites as possible , gathering quotes and comparing them. There are hundreds of companies online, and many offer to collect the car directly, so spend an hour at least checking who's offering what.

Considering a local cash for cars dealer

There are many smaller companies who buy cars for cash, so check your local yellow pages and newspaper and contact them directly; you may even be able to barter with them, which is something you can’t do with the larger dealers.

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