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Car Tyres

Most people view buying new car tyres as something akin to paying their taxes; they really don’t want to but have little choice.

Given that along with the suspension, the car tyre is the only link between your car and the road, perhaps a little more thought is needed?

We all know that it’s a bit of a ‘faff’ to regularly check your tyre pressure, but when you consider that an incorrectly inflated tyre can lead to premature wear or failure, increased braking distances, higher fuel consumption even for economical cars or in extreme cases a prosecution from the police, surely, it’s worth taking those few minutes to check them?

You’ll save money!

Even putting aside the cost of replacing a tyre that has failed prematurely, an incorrectly pressured tyre could be costing you up to an extra 17% or more in fuel consumption.

It seems that there has been a boom in tyre prices over the last few years; at one point, you could quite easily get a good mid-range tyre for around £45, but prices generally seem to be heading north of £75 - £80 now, but this does however include the balancing, fitting & disposal of the old tyre, something that was ALWAYS included before.

What should you look for in a tyre?

Whilst to a layman, a tyre is a tyre may have some truth; they are ALL black, round rubber things, the differences between them can be many and numerous. Sports, economy, wet weather, anti-puncture, run flat, long distance & tubeless are just some of the different types, we could even break that down further more. Sidewalls, profiles & speed ratings are just another few variants. Let’s not even get started on compounds!

If you need to have new tyres fitted, it is always worth trying to talk to the supplier, don’t just accept ‘this is the best tyre in the world’ sales pitch. Ask about the different options; let them know that you’re capable of making a considered choice.

Purchasing a new set of tyres, or even just two, is one of the few things where the internet may not necessarily help you that much. Whilst there are companies offering cheaper tyres online, you may find that your local friendly garage may not be quite so friendly when turning up and asking them to fit the tyres purchased elsewhere. Generally, the fitting price will be quite high, thereby negating any discount that you may have had on the purchase. Always check fitting prices before purchasing tyres elsewhere.

Have in mind that mid range tyres last from 30 000 to 60 000 miles. So it might be cheaper to buy expensive good quality tyres, than to buy cheap ones that you will have to replace very soon.

Finally, many tyre sales outlets are now offering Nitrogen filling. This has the benefit of a more stable tyre pressure between cold and hot, something that many Formula 1 racing teams realised many years ago.It is also said to reduce the rate of pressure loss through naturally occurring circumstances.

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