About Us

In the last few years prices of petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid cars change on a daily basis which makes it very hard for a regular person to find a good deal. That’s why we decided – we’ll make a blog where we’ll recommend to people where to find a good deal and how to do it. We understand that it’s hard to save money with the everyday rise on the cost of life. It’s a constant battle between providers and customers. We usually take mobility for granted but once our car is broken, we are very limited with distances and activities.

We are based in South East London. A small team of 4 members working every day to meet your requirements. Firstly, we’d like to introduce our mentor – Steve Kelly. He’s been interested in cars since the age of 9 – which makes it 22 years so far. Steve’s been a car mechanic, trader for most of his life. So there’s not a single secret to him in the cars business.

Secondly, we have Maria Shelby here. She is a pro on finding the best deals in insurance. Being a woman and a new driver has made her a top searcher in the struggle of finding good deals on car insurance from providers online. It is a constant fight on a daily basis in which we support her strongly.

Then we have, Marcus Carr. He’s our main asset on finding the lowest prices on petrol, diesel and gas. He’ll also recommend you how to save your fuel and make savings on fuel prices. One thing he always points out is – don’t go too far for a few pence cheaper price on fuel as you would’ve burnt the savings before you got there.

Our forth member is Andrew Simmons. He’s our specialist in car accessories such as tyres, car seats, tracking devices, GPS systems, etc. He’ll recommend retailers that offer good deals on all of these.

So that’s our team introduced. We are all regular people – not advertisers, so we’ll always bring you unbiased deals with the quality and price presented at the best of balance. We hope that we are more of help than of confusion and that you’ll be visiting us regularly from now on. We try to maintain our reviews as unbiased as possible although we all have our preferences and favourite cars and service providers.

Team TheCarsGuide.co.uk