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How to find your perfect 4x4 car

If you've decided to get yourself a new 4x4 car then we have some advice to give to you. Read through our guide for a more comprehensive knowledge on what you should expect and look for when buying a 4x4 car.

Why get a 4x4 car?

A 4x4 car is simply a regular car body equipped with 4-wheel drive setup. They range from saloons to SUVs and stylish crossovers. Most 4x4 cars have slightly elevated bodies. This gives them a higher profile from the driving surface than regular 2-wheel drive vehicles. They are also equipped with a heavy-duty oil pan with guard and extra under-body protection. The special attention to the undercarriage protects 4x4 cars from rough, uneven terrain, since these cars are often driven off-road.

The most common use for 4x4 cars is in remote, rural areas where the roads are poor to non-existent. For various reasons, many people either choose to or must live in rugged areas, and these vehicles are more than up to the challenge. For others who live where the roads are otherwise fine, but become treacherous with heavy snow or ice, 4-wheel drives offer superior driver control potential.

Our 4x4 cars recommendations

The Volvo XC60 is a very compact four-wheel drive car. It is a good combination of style, space and equipment. The starting price for a new one is £29,860 and for a more geared up model prepare to pay just over £40,000. This is the safest car made by Volvo ever.

Honda have made the CR-V 4x4 model spacious, easy to drive and quite affordable. It has 2.2 litre diesel engine or a 2.0 litre petrol engine, depending on your preferences. The prices for such Honda start at £23,000 and go up to £33,000.

The Mazda CX-5 implements top technology into 4x4 cars. With a four-cylinder engine it goes up to 60 mph in just 9.4 seconds at 64 MPG. The prices start at £21,000 and the most expensive model costs £27,000.

Where to buy

If you have in mind what exactly you want to buy have a look at online traders or visit the dealers' websites. You will be able to order and customise your 4x4 car with all the extra equipment as you wish. We would advise you to go to a garage and test drive first to study the behaviour of the car before you buy it.

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